Manifesto: NaNo 2014

The Jumpstart: What do you love to read and write about? Write a 100-word Author Manifesto for the type of stories you’d like to be known for writing, whether that includes creating new universes, timeless human stories, or awesome girl superheroes.  — Why This Will Inspire You: It’s impossible for us creative-types to go through life without being influenced by the art and storytelling we come across every day, but we don’t always recognize our major influencers until we take a moment to reflect. — This year, NaNoWriMo has asked us to do just that.”

Here is my manifesto:

We were nursed on fairy tales. We cut our teeth on tropes. And we spit out stereotypes in everything we do, write, and say, without even thinking about it.

I would like to be known for writing new stories, not regurgitated stereotypes. I want to write about people who see life with different eyes, who see things most of us don’t. That’s what I like to read and what I want to write. There are so many other colors you can use to draw pictures, and I want to explore them all.

Or at least as many as I can.


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